Michael Gillett

Windows Insider MVP


Here are the major projects that I have worked on and you can try out right now


I have worked on a number of Microsoft inspired projects, here are my favourite ones

Build Bingo

Watch Microsoft Build 2016 and play along with the Bingo/Drinking Game

Guidelines Dev

An AngularJS and SASS framework for creating Windows 10 Web Apps using Project Westminster

Download the showcase app

Loading Animations

A collection of Microsoft inspired loading animations made using CSS

Windows 10 Progress

Microsoft plans for Windows 10 to be installed on over 1 billion devices within 2 to 3 years of its release, see how well it is progressing

Microsoft All Stars

A fun, 2 player card game inspired by Microsoft employees. To be enjoyed with you and your kin.

A new BSoD

Wouldn't it be great that if you get a Blue Screen of Death it was something a little more beautiful? Here's my idea for a Beautiful Screen of Death.


A collection of wallpapers inspired by Microsoft, predominantly using the legendary Ninja Cat


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